Women Warriors Testimonials – Chris

Why did you join Women Warriors ( i.e. financial barriers, type II diabetes diagnosis, belonging to a community)? I met you at the Inspiring Women Conference earlier this year and I bought a set of Spirit Poles. When I heard your story and what your mission is, I knew I wanted/needed to be a part of your group. I moved to Lloyd a year ago, I have chronic depression, obese and even at my highest weight ever, on a tight budget. I noticed that I was having way more issues with my back in the last year due to back injury that I had previously been managing. I used to go to a Tabata boot camp before I moved here a year ago; it was such a welcoming environment there, even the first time I attended. I was terrified to try a new place here in town as I couldn’t find anything being offered like what Tabata gave me. I feel like I have found that home again with Women Warriors, I’ve missed it so much.
How has it impacted your health?
I’m not sure how much my numbers have changed but physically I’ve noticed a huge difference. My mental health is improving, it helps finding that home where there are other folks that have similar struggles and you don’t feel judged. I feel stronger physically, I know that I still have a long ways to go but I am getting the motivation to get there. I’m also sleeping better and my clothes are fitting differently too.

Are you more active after completing 8 Weeks to Healthy Living?
Yes, I even more energy to do the stuff around my house that I haven’t felt like doing. I still have organizing and purging to do since moving that I’m now actually doing vs thinking about doing it. Did you like the variety of exercises? I did very much and I loved that they came to us for the exposure. It’s very daunting to walk into a new exercise facility for the first time and to try something new. I know we shouldn’t compare ourselves to the other folks there but I find it impossible not to, I even try to remind myself that they could’ve had a similar journey as mine but the mind just isn’t forgiving sometimes.

Was the nutrition information easy to understand and actionable?
Yes, very much so. Most of it was familiar to me as I try to follow the Canada Food Guide and done Weight Watchers lots. But the added bonus was that the cards and sheets provided the extra tips, loved the handouts each week.
What’s the greatest lesson you learned on this health journey?
To be mindful of everything in life. Not just with being active and what you’re eating, but with where you’re eating, why you’re eating. Being mindful of your thoughts about yourself and in general.

Would you recommend this program to friends and family?
I totally would, for all the reasons above and more. Like I said, on paper the numbers may not show how successful this was for me but I have felt a huge improvement in my mental and physical health.

Chris, Woman Warrior April-May 2016

Profiles that Inspire – Robyn

Robyn is 31 years old, resides in Lloydminster and is a certified nail tech and stay-at-home mom to three wonder children – two boys and one girl – Aiden, age 13, Kaydence, age 9, and Calder, age 5.

I joined Women Warriors so I can learn how to be healthier and live a healthier life style and to get in-shape again. I enjoy walks and family bike rides, and my goal is to start running again. Now that I’ve started Women Warriors I try to do some kind of exercise everyday. I enjoy working out at home, and we try to go for walks when my husband gets home from work or after supper.

In term of “me” time I always take time to do my make-up and my hair and make sure I’m dressed nice.

My favorite treat or meal is pizza.

My philosophy on healthy living is to be happy, healthy and do it together as a family!

My daily struggle is snacking and finding things to do or keep busy.

The advice I would give my younger self is education about physical activity and nutrition is important! Keep fit!

My words of inspiration for women trying to get healthy or more active are to keep at it and never give up! It’s so worth it in the end!! You can do it!

Thanks for sharing your message Robyn!

Profiles that Inspire – May

May is 46 years old, resides in Lloydminster and is a Mom to two sons Kyle 23, and Tyrell 19, and three girls Darby 21, Keara 16, and Alysa 15. She is a Nana to one grandson, Zaidyn 18 months.

I joined Women Warriors for me! To build my self-esteem, lose weight and feel good about myself. I enjoy walking and since starting Women Warriors I walk 8 kms with my friend everyday. I exercise 2-3 hours per day and I do it all at home or walking outside. I get up early to workout, put my pedometer on, and that’s my inspiration – to get 10,000 steps everyday.

I practice self-love everyday by talking to my friend whom inspires me to want to do more for myself. To want to do stuff for me because I never do! I always do everything for my kids and hubby, and have always felt guilty for doing stuff for myself.

My favorite treat used to be Pepsi, but not anymore! Since I joined Women Warriors I quit drinking pop and only drink lemon water.

My daily struggle is to push myself everyday to do the daily exercises and walking.

The advice I would give my younger self is to never give up and believe in your self! I can do this and I’m going to do this!

My words of inspiration for women trying to get healthy or more active are to just do it! I finally have done it and I really enjoying exercising and eating healthy for my family and me! Being active and getting healthy is great!

Thanks for sharing your message May!

Profiles that Inspire – Kelly

Kelly is 32 years old, lives in Lloydminster, Saskatchewan, and works full-time as a receptionist at Onion Lake Energy. She has two girls Kali, age 12 and Kaizana, 4. She joined Women Warriors to find that “motivation” to exercise, eat better, and for her family – “just the thought of just living longer for my daughters!”

They type of physical activity I enjoy is cleaning house (I suffer from OCD, lol inside joke), go for walks at the park with my daughters or my boyfriend, and I love to play sports. It has rubbed off on my oldest girl so we like to throw the baseball around, throw the football, play sum volleyball or jump on the trampoline with both my girls. I try to exercise as much as I can. Walking has become a daily thing since starting Women Warriors.

I am not a member of a gym yet until I can find a gym partner. I played a bit of women’s volleyball in the winter and I’m looking forward to doing that again in the upcoming season. Also, I did some drop in volleyball nights at the Servus Sports Centre. Some evenings I’ll do a home work out, or just do my walking and/or biking with my boyfriend. I do what I can in the evenings to fit in my physical activity.

One daily practice I do to show self-love is journaling. I have a journal I like to write in daily and I do it when I need to, anytime of the day. I feel this helps me in one way or another especially when I don’t have that friend that I can talk to.

My favorite meal is Spiro’s ribs – the best ribs I’ve ever had hands down!

My philosophy on healthy living is eating well and constantly moving to keep fit! Knowing you have little ones who tend to watch what you do is always a bit motivating because it helps your child too and they want to exercise and move with you! Just never giving up.

My daily struggle is finding that extra “punch” in energy to keep myself motivated for when it comes down to exercising and staying away from the junk!!! Chips are the devil! (LOL!).

The advice you would give my younger self is “you really weren’t as fat as you thought you were in high school because look at you now. Maybe listening to your doctors, nurses or just people who cared for you would have worked because they have given you the best advice, you should have tried harder and stuck to it!”

My words of inspiration for women trying to get healthy or more active are to take it one day at a time. Things just won’t happen over-night and that’s what I think I need to keep telling myself too. Just keep on keeping on because quitters never win and winners never quit!! All the power to all you beautiful women trying to be better than yesterday.

Thanks for sharing your message Kelly!

Profiles the Inspire – Natasha

Natasha is 34 years old and resides in Lloydminster. She has two boys ages 8 and 4.5 months. She is currently on maternity leave and works full-time as an educational assistant.

I joined Women Warriors because I needed motivation and support and I felt a group setting would be beneficial to me. I enjoy walking and working out (now).
Before Women Warriors I really didn’t do a whole lot of exercise, but since joining I make sure I get in my 10,000 steps a day and I’ve started using my workout DVD’s that have been collecting dust for years. I’m going to joining a gym soon, and I’ve investigated a few around town. I try my best to get a workout in when the baby is napping.

My self-love practice is learning to take time for myself.

My philosophy on healthy living is to do what works for you, and don’t compare. Don’t let fitness and diet hold you back from achieving a healthy life – make it fun!

My favourite treat is chocolate. I LOVE chocolate.

My daily struggle is food. From the time I wake up till the time I go to bed. Since joining Women Warriors I have made a lot better choices and I am learning that food doesn’t have to be the enemy if I know how to use it.

My advice to my younger self would be to love and believe in yourself, and stay active.

My inspiring words for others is only you can make a change! Don’t let one bad choice influence how the rest of your day goes – get through it, and move on.

Thanks for sharing your healthy living message Tasha!

Profiles the Inspire – Wendy

Wendy is 46 years old and resides in Kitscoty. She has two sons – Chandler, 18 and Spencer, 20. She works full-time as a realtor and spends a lot of time travelling between Kitscoty, Lloydminster and surrounding area.

I joined Women Warriors in hopes of being more active and making healthier food choices. I focus on work and my sons and not enough on being active or on eating well. This is my year to change these things. My sons are grown, both will be gone to university soon and there will be more ME time. I no longer want to focus on my weight or size; I want to eat healthy, stay active, and think positive. No more gimmicks, clubs, shakes or diets. Those things are a temporary fix. What will last is caring about myself and feeling I’m important enough to treat myself well.

My daily physical activity consists of taking stairs when I can, and parking farther away from doors so I have to walk.

My self-love practice is taking time to read a good book, a hot bath, and I get away for a couple of yearly vacations

My favourite meal is pasta, and chocolate is my weakness.

My daily struggle is after a long day of work to find the energy and motivation to work out and eat healthy.

My advise to my younger self? Take care of yourself now! Make taking care of yourself a habit you’ll keep throughout your life.

My inspiring words to encourage other are it takes weeks for the habit of exercising and healthy eating to become a habit. A bad day or a bad week of eating doesn’t mean you give up. Get back on track! You can do this!

Profiles the Inspire – Genevieve

Genevieve, or Jenny or Gen to her friends and family is 43 years old and resides in Lloydminster. She has five children, age’s 20, 19, 16 and 11 year old twins, and three grandchildren, 2-year-old twin boys, and 11 months. She is a proud grandma and would do anything for her grandkids. She works full-time as optometric staff/receptionist.

I joined Women Warriors to become more active and make healthier choices for my family, and myself, and to keep up with my grandbabies. Activities that I enjoy are anything that keeps me outside including walking, sliding with my family, quadding, hunting, and swimming. I try to exercise at least 15-20 minutes per day, even if its just walking around the office or going up and down the stairs – just keeping mobile. I schedule fitness when I can between a full-time and casual job, housekeeping and spending time with family – mostly on my days off and weekends. I am not a member of a gym or fitness club, but I am a proud member of Women Warriors.

My self-love practice is smudging/praying first thing in the morning and thanking the Creator for giving me another day. I also smudge and pray just before I go to bed to thank the Creator for all that was blessed to me.

My favourite meal and treat is an Indian taco (mmm just thinking about a taco makes me want some) and my weakness is chocolate.

My daily struggle is after a long day of work trying to find the energy and motivation to make a healthy meal for my family.

My advise to my younger self would be to keep fit, stay active, and don’t eat much junk food.

My inspiring words to encourage others are the Creator chose us women to give life because we are mentally and physically strong. We can carry a child, give birth to a child, and raise that child – give it a home, and future. We are strong women and can overcome any obstacle, and continue to become stronger within!

Thanks for sharing your message Jenny!

Profiles the Inspire – Cheryl

Cheryl is 50 years old, resides in Lloydminster, and raised four children– three sons, Warren 25, Shane 24, Jacob 23, and only daughter, Desiree 22. In addition, she’s a happy, blessed Grandmother with granddaughter, Austyn. She joined Women Warriors to get motivated and step outside her comfort zone and build self-esteem.

Physical activity in her day: Cheryl enjoys walking and water aerobics. Her mobility is limited, so she needs low-impact exercise. She tries to set aside a quiet time each day, but struggles to schedule fitness.

Favorite treat/meal: Her favorite meal is salad and her favorite treat is blueberries.

Health philosophy: “Healthy Living is a state of mind and takes motivation and persistence – progress not perfection! I struggle with mobility and feel defeat, but I do my best to not complain and try to stay positive.”

Advice to younger self: “My advice would be practice self-care, follow a good diet, rest, and take care of your personal appearance. Join a group like we have and bring confidence in conversation. Ask people how was your week? Show gratitude with leadership, and be honest with yourself – know your limits and be ok with that. Take what I have learned at Women Warriors and work with it all week.”

Cheryl is running in Lloydminster’s next election as a mayoral candidate!

“I am passionate about community and appreciate our diversity. I believe that we need accountability to serve everyone’s best interest. I believe I can be a voice for those that perhaps have felt they have not been heard in the past. It is really important to have different thoughts from a range of community residents as we do carry unique perspectives. I am kind, caring and pride myself as working towards expanding my comfort zone and getting involved with activities that are new to me. I love to volunteer and meet new people. I am looking forward to a continued accountable and transparent campaign to be Lloydminster’s Mayor and embrace everyone’s support.”

Thanks Cheryl for sharing your message!

Profiles the Inspire – Ashley

Ashley is 32 years old, resides in Onion Lake Cree Nation, and is a financial clerk for Onion Lake Energy Inc. She is a mother to five – three boys and twin girls, and loves spending time with her family. She joined Women Warriors to have some time to herself and learn how to live a healthier lifestyle for her children.

Physical activity you enjoy: Dancing, swimming, walking, and playing with my kids.

Amount of time you exercise everyday or per week: I try fit in at least half hour a day of actual moving my body whether it is cleaning, dancing to music with the kids, housework.

Are you a member of a gym, in a sports team, or do fitness at home: I use my gym equipment when I get the chance. For the most part it is dancing, and wrestling with family, it gets crazy with 6 of us wrestling.

How do you schedule fitness in your day? I am trying to get up earlier to walk on treadmill; otherwise, we walk our dogs as much as possible. Helping my husband with yard work is a workout too.

Name one daily practice you do to show self-love: My drive in to work and home is when I self-reflect, listen to music, sing my heart out to all my favorite songs. I live for music, it heals my soul.

Your favorite treat or meal: Pizza (Bad I know but I can’t resist the darn thing).

Your philosophy on healthy living: If it isn’t fun it isn’t worth doing it. Don’t kill yourself by trying to be healthy.

Your daily struggle: Staying away from fast food.

The advice you would give your younger self: Take better care of us. The older you pays for it!

Words of inspiration for women trying to get healthy or more active: Do it for you! You have to love yourself before you can love anyone else. Once you love yourself, the ripples will follow through and everyone else will follow suit.

Thanks for sharing Ashley!