Podcast_WWlogThe Women Warriors podcast holds space for honesty, healing and hope.

Your Metis host, Shelley Wiart real talks with a variety of Indigenous women – academics, writers, artists, entrepreneurs, and more – as they share their failures, successes, and stories of healing so we can learn from each other and build a healthy and vibrant community.

My hope for you after listening to the show is that you feel less alone, and that you feel inspired to take action to help yourself and others through the personal stories and resources shared. 

This is an adult podcast with adult content and language. If you appreciate the content in this podcast please do us a favour and leave a review on ITunes. If you don’t know how to do it, please google “how to rate or review a podcast.”


Season 2

This second season is dedicated to Indigenous women sharing their healing stories. When I consulted my Elder about the theme of healing she told me to be careful about my language and be clear on what I offer. I am having conversations with Indigenous women about their work in healing and their personal stories. I do not offer Elders teachings or spiritual healings. I am abstaining from talking about any specific Indigenous teaching or ceremonies. If you have specific questions about spiritual healing please follow the protocol for Elders in your area and ask them.


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