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Metis Cultural Days

October 16, 2018

Central Urban Metis Federation Inc. (CUMFI) hosted a Metis cultural gathering, celebration & fundraiser on Sept. 28th-30th in Saskatoon, SK.   I was invited to attend the Metis Days Gala Fundraiser held at the White Cap Dakota Casino on September 29th. It featured an Indigenous art auction and silent auction… Read more

Dietary Practices of Indigenous Women

October 15, 2018

MA thesis learnings from our University of Calgary grad student, Megan Sampson It has been one year since I travelled to Lloydminster to conduct ethnographic research with the Women Warriors program. I will soon defend my MA thesis based on the results of that work, which explored the dietary practices of  Indigenous… Read more

Our First on Reserve Program – Onion Lake Cree Nation (OLCN)

October 14, 2018

Twelve Weeks to Healthy Living September 25th – December 11th.   On September 13th I welcomed our new OLCN facilitator, Jaeden Carter, our program and research coordinator, Alicia Oliver, and our backup facilitator and community health representative, Lori Lewis into my home for a full day of facilitator training. Onion… Read more

8 Weeks to Healthy Living

Throughout our 8 Weeks to Healthy Living program, participants, women and
their children are exposed to many different types of exercise and
activity in order to educate and encourage them.



Upcoming & Current Events


Our Calgary sessions are currently full, but stay tuned for upcoming events.

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“I recommend this program. It covers all aspects for a healthy lifestyle. The program allows you to share, learn, and make changes in a supportive environment.

The greatest lesson for me during the program is the “awareness” and  “mindfulness” in daily choices.”

Helen, Woman Warrior April-May 2016

“I joined Woman Warriors initially for some “me” time.
I had a recent type II diabetes diagnoses.
My diabetic health nurse had mentioned the program to me.
I was interested because I knew weight loss had to happen in order for me to feel better health wise.
I did not expect to walk away from the program with a sense of belonging and acceptance – Women Warriors allowed me to experience various forms of physical activity, in a positive, non-judgmental environment.
I grew to love physical activity;
I completed the first session with a 20lb weight loss.
I sadly missed the second session due to a horrific leg injury that ended in 22 stitches, which forced me to miss the session. I returned for the third session and lost an additional 25lbs.

I have not been under 250 lbs for over 6 years.
With Women Warriors and Shelley’s instructors and motivation I went from 278lbs to 235lbs.”

Ashley, Woman Warrior June-July 2015, Jan-February 2016.

“My mental health is improving, it helps finding that home where there are other folks that have similar struggles and you don’t feel judged.

I feel stronger physically, I know that I still have a long ways to go but I am getting the motivation to get there.

I’m also sleeping better and my clothes are fitting differently too.”

Chris, Woman Warrior April-May 2016

A Holistic Health & Active Lifestyle Program for Aboriginal Women

Profiles that Inspire – Robyn

Robyn is 31 years old, resides in Lloydminster and is a certified nail tech and stay-at-home mom to three wonder children – two boys and one girl – Aiden, age 13, Kaydence, age 9, and Calder, age 5. I joined Women Warriors so I can learn how to be healthier… Read more

Profiles that Inspire – May

May is 46 years old, resides in Lloydminster and is a Mom to two sons Kyle 23, and Tyrell 19, and three girls Darby 21, Keara 16, and Alysa 15. She is a Nana to one grandson, Zaidyn 18 months. I joined Women Warriors for me! To build my self-esteem,… Read more

Profiles that Inspire – Kelly

Kelly is 32 years old, lives in Lloydminster, Saskatchewan, and works full-time as a receptionist at Onion Lake Energy. She has two girls Kali, age 12 and Kaizana, 4. She joined Women Warriors to find that “motivation” to exercise, eat better, and for her family – “just the thought of… Read more

Profiles the Inspire – Natasha

Natasha is 34 years old and resides in Lloydminster. She has two boys ages 8 and 4.5 months. She is currently on maternity leave and works full-time as an educational assistant. I joined Women Warriors because I needed motivation and support and I felt a group setting would be beneficial… Read more

Profiles the Inspire – Wendy

Wendy is 46 years old and resides in Kitscoty. She has two sons – Chandler, 18 and Spencer, 20. She works full-time as a realtor and spends a lot of time travelling between Kitscoty, Lloydminster and surrounding area. I joined Women Warriors in hopes of being more active and making… Read more

Profiles the Inspire – Genevieve

Genevieve, or Jenny or Gen to her friends and family is 43 years old and resides in Lloydminster. She has five children, age’s 20, 19, 16 and 11 year old twins, and three grandchildren, 2-year-old twin boys, and 11 months. She is a proud grandma and would do anything for… Read more

Profiles the Inspire – Cheryl

Cheryl is 50 years old, resides in Lloydminster, and raised four children– three sons, Warren 25, Shane 24, Jacob 23, and only daughter, Desiree 22. In addition, she’s a happy, blessed Grandmother with granddaughter, Austyn. She joined Women Warriors to get motivated and step outside her comfort zone and build… Read more

Profiles the Inspire – Ashley

Ashley is 32 years old, resides in Onion Lake Cree Nation, and is a financial clerk for Onion Lake Energy Inc. She is a mother to five – three boys and twin girls, and loves spending time with her family. She joined Women Warriors to have some time to herself… Read more

Profiles That Inspire – Trysta

Trysta is 29 years old and resides in Onion Lake First Nation with her 9 year old son, Kenyan and extended family. Her motivation for joining Women Warriors is to be a good role model for her son, and family which has a history of type II diabetes. She states,… Read more

Profiles that Inspire – Jolene

Jolene is 40 years old, resides in Onion Lake Cree Nation, and is employed as a truck driver hauling oil since May of 2015. She has three children – two daughters ages 22, and 15, and one son age 14. In addition, she’s a happy, blessed Grandmother with a granddaughter… Read more

Profiles that Inspire – Vera

Vera is 30 years old, resides in Onion Lake Cree Nation, and is employed as a receptionist at Native Justice. She has four beautiful children; 3 boys and 1 girl. She joined Women Warriors because, “I realize whether we know it or not, we are role models to young women,… Read more

Profiles that Inspire – Lillian

Lillian is 46 years of age, and currently resides Lloydminster Alberta and is originally from Witchekan Lake, Saskatchewan. She is a stay-at-home mom to nine children, and has seventeen in total. She joined Women Warriors to “seek information on living with diabetes and healthy lifestyle as diabetes runs in my… Read more