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Episode 5 with Tenille Campbell and Media Coverage

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“At its heart, this podcast series is about healing through self-care, modeling this in the stories of inspiring Indigenous women who found their place and purpose. I love the format of a conversation between women, as well as the mention that each episode makes of different institutions, resources, and opportunities that have been a support for Indigenous women along their journeys. The series invites listeners to sink into the lives of other women, to explore with them how each woman navigates barriers to wellbeing that crosscut many life stories differently, at distinct stages in their lives. Love it!”
-Rihender, April 25, 2017

This week I’m releasing my interview with the beautiful, funny, and creative Tenille Campbell.

A brief intro to Tenille….

Celebrating Indigenous people’s heritage, accomplishments, and beauty through the arts including photography and written word counteracts the negative stereotypes in popular media. Tenille Campbell does exactly that, and goes one step further by openly exploring the concepts of Indigenous sexuality and love.

Tenille’s voice in the arts includes Sweetmoon Photography, the blog Tea & Bannock, and her new book, #IndianLovePoems.

On today’s episode, Tenille brings her humor and wit to discuss being a self-taught photographer, and how she balances her roles as a PhD candidate, single mother, business owner, and creative.

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