Releasing TWO Episodes Tomorrow!

This coming week we’ll be featured in the Lloydminster Source! I’m looking forward to growing our fan base and offering valuable insights about the Indigenous Youth Suicide Crisis with our guest, co-founder of the We Matter Campaign, Tunchai Redvers. In addition, I’m releasing our interview with founder of SheNative, Devon Fiddler.

Announcing the Women Warriors Podcast!

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My name is Shelley Wiart and I’m the creator of the Women Warriors podcast! I’m sharing my passion for empowering Indigenous women with you! If you haven’t already, please subscribe to the iTunes version of the Women Warriors podcast! Thank you for sharing in my dream of creating a positive and inspiring community of Indigenous women that lift each other up! In summary, … Read more

Lisa Graham

Lisa Graham is the Provincial Coordinator for Justice and Solicitor General Victim Services, Government of Alberta. She is tasked with identifying and filling the gaps in services for families who are suffering through having a loved one who is missing, including making services available in a culturally safe way to all.

Dr Jennifer Leason

Dr Jennifer Leason

Jennifer is of mixed ancestry and her Indigenous roots are from Duck Bay, Pine Creek First Nation and Camperville, Manitoba. Jennifer was recently appointed to Assistant Professor at the University of Calgary and is grateful to the First peoples and communities of Treaty 7 and Métis Nation Alberta, Region III.

Dr. Karlee Fellner Part 1

Dr Karlee Fellner

Dr. Karlee Fellner is currently an Assistant Professor in Indigenous Education Counselling Psychology at the University of Calgary. Karlee has been working with diverse clients in counselling and assessment since 2007, and has designed and taught courses in education, counselling, and psychology at universities and a private First Nations college.