Cannabis Education

Credit for Sociology 366 Research Methods in the Social Sciences
Dr. Edna Djokoto-Asem
Athabasca University
20 June 2018

Tobacco and Cannabis ebook by Shelley Wiart
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Relationship Renewal & Cannabis

Our last storyteller in our Indigenous Women & Cannabis Health Stories Series is Juanita Lindley, who self-identifies as Syilx from the Interior Salish peoples of the Okanagan Territory. She has been working and helping others heal from addiction and intergenerational trauma for the last decade. With strong integrity, she believes that we must break social norms of how we view addiction and healing to make a sustainable change within Indigenous populations.

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The Soul Wound & Harm Reduction

An important finding from this questionnaire was the resident’s lack of awareness about the reality behind residential school and their impact on indigenous health, and unfamiliarity with the concept of intergenerational trauma and the scope of it within Indigenous communities. These concepts are foundational to enacting reconciliation in healthcare and treating Indigenous peoples’ physical dis-ease as a psychosomatic manifestation of intergenerational trauma.

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Cannabis Use and Culture

Our next cannabis storyteller, Tanya Snow is originally from Kanigi&liniq (known as Rankin Inlet), which is located in the Kivalliq region (northwest coast of the Hudson’s Bay of Nunavut). Her mother is Inuk and her father is Scottish. She has been living in Yellowknife, Northwest Territories for the past twenty-five years, and she is a single mother to her son, Agalukti-Ipkarnaak, age ten.

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Cannabis and Mental Health

The Canadian government legalized commercial cannabis for recreational usage on October 17, 2018. The spring of 2018 I conducted the survey with our Women Warriors group on Concurrent Use Commercial Tobacco & Cannabis Interventions and their most urgent questions pertained to the risk of addiction to cannabis (Cannabis Use Disorder), the risk of cannabis-induced psychosis, especially in youth, and the specific health effects of long-term chronic use.

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Destigmatize and Decolonize

One of the projects that I’ve been working on is Indigenous women’s health promotions and education on cannabis. I first became acquainted with this topic when I conducted a survey and interview with Women Warriors June 2018 for my Sociology 366 Research Methods in the Social Sciences on Concurrent Use Commercial Tobacco & Cannabis Interventions

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