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Announcing the Women Warriors Podcast!

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My name is Shelley Wiart and I’m the creator of the Women Warriors podcast!

I’m sharing my passion for empowering Indigenous women with you! If you haven’t already, please subscribe to the iTunes version of the Women Warriors podcast! Thank you for sharing in my dream of creating a positive and inspiring community of Indigenous women that lift each other up! In summary, my podcast holds space for honesty, healing and hope. It is dedicated to Indigenous women that inspire me and I’m honoured to have them share their stories of overcoming barriers and failures, rising to success and accessing healing so that we can learn from each other and continue to grow.

My hope for you after listening to the show is that you feel less alone, and that you feel inspired to take action to help yourself and others through the personal stories and resources shared. My vision is to use this community to propel each other to success so that we have more Women Warriors in positions of power – in boardrooms, business, banking, universities and politics.

This podcast is 100% community supported. This means no ads or outside influences, and I can stay committed to bringing you the content that you want, and I have to freedom to dive deep into controversial issues or heavy topics.

How to support the Women Warriors podcast:

This show is free on iTunes so that women from all backgrounds and locations can access it. It is a tool for helping and healing everyone!

If you love the show, and you believe in the message “You Rise by Lifting Others” then consider this your invitation to join our Women Warrior community by  pledging $1 per month up to $40 per month for the next 8-episode season. Your support will help pay for the many costs associated with a podcast including:

1) Labour – paying my talented audio engineer to work her magic so you can have the best sound quality. Also, for the many hours that I spend organizing and researching interviews, writing show notes, uploading everything to Libsyn, and social media, and investing in marketing and promotion.

2) Equipment – I invested up front in podcasting equipment including a mic, pop filter, desk arm, converter and interface, and headphones. Also the software to record interviews, a website tab, plus our hosting and distributing site (Libsyn).

Not only will your support help to keep the show going, but you’ll also get access to the Women Warriors online community, Women Warrior merchandise, and the opportunity to shape the future of this podcast. You’ll also get to learn about our 8 Weeks to Healthy Living Program – a holistic health and active lifestyle program focusing on Indigenous women’s health.

This includes:

  • Basic nutrition education videos
  • Handouts from class about nutrition and exercise
  • Video clips from our Women Warrior exercise classes
  • Links and information about Indigenous health in Canada

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Important information about Patreon:
1) It is an American site meaning your pledge is in USD only!
2) Your credit card will be processed immediately on your first pledge, then the first of the month after that.

Thank you so much for supporting the empowerment podcast for Indigenous Women!