Brandy-Lee Maxie, Creator of POWFit and Owner of AB Original Health & Fitness

IMG_4773Brandy-Lee is a proud member of White Bear First Nations, Saskatchewan.

She is a single mom to three children, and her son lives with type I diabetes.

She has an intergenerational history of type II diabetes, and she was diagnosed as prediabetic before embarking on her own health journey.

She is the creator of POWFit(TM), a Powwow inspired dance fitness with a licensing system similar to Zumba.

She has travelled across Canada this past summer instructing POWFit and recruiting trainers.

Her daily reality reflects what many Indigenous women encounter. Her facebook post from August 4th states:

“I’ve been walking for my coffee, a nice morning routine for me. Today as I was walking down Taylor St right before the Circle Drive turnoff, an East Indian man (black hair with a mustache, late 30s or early 40s) in a black SUV (newer, maybe an escalade, little bit of silver, black leather interior) pulled up beside me & attempted to hand me a note. It was folded funny, more of a way to get me to come closer I assume. The top part read “GET IN” in capital letters. I started to walk away very fast towards some men cutting grass half a block away. He began to back up, I was shaky trying to grab my phone to get a picture & he sped off very fast (turning down Arcadia towards Centre Mall on 8th St). I hate that kind of bullshit! What if he pulled up behind me & I didn’t see him coming? I had headphones in. Just like all the white ladies I see out walking and jogging around here, feeling safe. That’s all I want already….is to feel safe like that when I walk out that door. Think it’s time to invest in a keychain mace bottle.”


CBC Saskatchewan, April 08, 2016: Powfit combines powwow dance with fitness, April 12, 2016 Powfit: Get in Shape One Pow Wow Step at a Time.        

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