Woman Warrior Calgary Profiles

Brandy, Village Square Leisure Centre Location

Brandy joined Women Warriors to get reconnected into the community with a mindset of health and fitness. I wanted to also learn more about nutrition and looking into further pursuing personal fitness goals.

The classes I have enjoyed so far are the Step Classes, Dance and Yoga. It’s also inspiring to have a class where my children can play Basketball and have access to programs the Calgary Village Square Leisure Centre provides. Since attending the program it has been easier to achieve the goals of proper nutrition and making time to exercise 2-4 hours a week. With Calgary community supports in place of the Calgary recreation passes, myself and my children have access to all sports and fitness activities including the weight room, pool access and drop in programming citywide. Scheduling personal fitness time can be challenging with a busy lifestyle, but by maintaining a nutrition journal and meal prepping I have made better nutrition and health choices. My daily practices include staying hydrated –  H20 is the key to self-care – through out the day and before I sleep I am constantly drinking water. My favorite indulgence is cheesecake with champagne – my ultimate slice of heaven!

Her philosophy on healthy living and message to women trying to get healthy or more active: Take care of your mind, body and spirit with a balanced and healthy lifestyle. True Beauty is achieved from within. I encourage anyone to start a small fitness/nutritional goal, stay focused to see the results. Anything in this universe is achievable and more programming like this is needed for our women in our communities – I am looking forward to becoming a trainer to help achieve this goal!