Debra deWaal

Debra deWaal, Professional Speaker and Safety Expert

Debra deWaalDebra deWaal is a former Calgary Police Officer and is now the owner of Safe & Sound Safety Training & Consulting Ltd. Debra’s 10 year career with CPS included 3 years undercover work in auto theft, stolen property and vice. Debra also spent numerous years working on the street as a uniformed officer. Debra is a professional member of Canadian Association of Professional Speakers and has been developing and facilitating Mental Toughness, Personal Safety and Conflict Management Training to Canadian citizens since 1995.

In her dynamic presentation, “Be Safe Not Sorry” she will teach how to handle the ultimate “what if”. She will share her experiences in an informative, high energy and humorous way. Learn what types of crime are occurring in our society and how to safely prevent and manage any potentially dangerous situation. This session will give you the mental and physical tools to be in control of any verbal or physical conflict.

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