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Decolonizing Research Part 1

Special thanks to Dr. Jennifer Leason for giving me permission to use her artwork titled, “Teepee Teachings” and to share the teachings that accompany it. 
Teepee teachings: The 15 poles represent 15 values including respect, guidance, humility, happiness, love, trust, kinship, cleanliness, thankfulness, sharing, strength, good child rearing, hope, responsibility and interconnectedness. This painting depicts the teepee and how we can lean on and support one another. A single pole left to stand on its own, would fall down. But when we lean on and support each other, we are better as a collective. These pole or values are needed to create a safe, and ethical space of engagement. If we do not live by our values, then we are not living in a true ethical space. Teaching credit: Willie Ermine. The poles also represent a woman’s ribs as the teepee is a matriarchal teaching.

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I had the pleasure of connecting with Australian health researcher, Renee Fiolet on Monday, January 4th. I contacted her for a virtual coffee chat after reading her academic article, Indigenous perspectives on using technology as a supportive resource When experiencing family violence (Fiolet, et al., 2020) which I included in my research paper titled, Indigenous Perspectives on Culturally Relevant Online Family Violence Interventions and the Creation of a Safety Planning App. I summarized a portion of this research paper and the need for a culturally relevant family violence awareness and prevention website and app for Indigenous communities in my newsletter, Family Violence Awareness Month: A Culturally Relevant App for the Northwest Territories

Thank you, Renee for taking time from your busy academic schedule to make time for a virtual coffee. It was a privilege to hear first hand about your lived research experience and your ethical co-creation of Indigenous health research. Please click on the red arrow below to watch our virtual chat and subscribe to the Women Warriors Youtube Channel for upcoming virtual coffee chats with guests.

S01E01 Renee Fiolet on Ethical Co-creation, Family Violence & Cultural Safety. 

Renee Fiolet on Ethical Co-creation, Family Violence & Cultural Safety

Renee Fiolet, RN (BNHons), GCHE is a lecturer within the School of Nursing and Midwifery at Deakin University and is currently doing her PhD through The University of Melbourne.
Renee is deputy Chairperson of the Sexual Assault and Family Violence (SAFV) Centre and Board member of the Nursing Network on Violence Against Women International (NNVAWI).
Renee’s research interests include Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples, family violence, indigenous health, CALD communities, technology facilitated responses to family violence and nursing curriculum development. Link to Renee’s research.
On today’s episode Renee shares

  • Renee’s background in nursing and how she became involved in the co-creation of Indigenous health research.
  • What cultural safety means for Indigenous peoples and how it may be different for diverse ethnic groups.
  • Renee’s PhD journey and the importance of having a long-term relationship with the Indigenous community she co-created family violence research with.
  • Sharing her coronavirus experience and future research plans to adapt to Covid-19 social distancing.
  • The kinds of research that needs to be done in-person verses online. 
  • Digital storytelling research – online requirements.
  • Renee listed the strengths of the co-created research. “Indigenous Perspectives on Using Technology as a Supportive Resource When Experiencing Family Violence.”
  • Community members as co-creators on Renee’s research and the engagement of Indigenous communities throughout the entire research process.
  • Renee shared her insights on shame and family violence in her co-created academic article, “Indigenous Perspectives on Help-Seeking for Family Violence: Voices From an Australian Community.”
  • Burndawan Project website. Using co-design to inform the development of an online Indigenous family violence resource (a project with the Wadawurrung community). 
  • Safer Families website. The focus is to lead sustainable change in the health sector to facilitate early engagement for domestic abuse and violence. Includes digital storytelling to explore and understand the experiences of domestic violence survivors.  
  • The power of digital storytelling for knowledge translation in healthcare.
  • The process of creating the model “Indigenous health care model for peoples experiencing family violence” from Renee and collaborators academic article, “Indigenous People’s Experiences and Expectations of Health Care Professionals When Accessing Care for Family Violence: A Qualitative Evidence Synthesis.”
  • Her insights on cultural safety within her family violence research. 
  • Renee discussed her research ethics process. 

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Renee Fiolet (@rfiolet) on the ethical co-creation of Indigenous community-led health research
Listen to @rfiolet share her concept of cultural safety and how she enacts it in her research. 

Women Warriors interview with Renee Fiolet, health researcher. She shared how she co-created a family violence resource with the Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people living on Wadawurrung Country. 
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