Woman Warrior Calgary Profiles

Freda, Forest Lawn Location

I joined this program to meet other women in community that have similar goals towards health and fitness. The program also offers information about healthy eating and nutrition and this will help me change my bad eating habits. This also gives me an opportunity to pass on this knowledge to my family and friends about nutrition and healthy eating. I enjoyed the step class and self-defense and another favorite part for me is when we smudge and have a talking circle at the end of class. I try to exercise 2-3 hours per week and I am a gym member and I use my exercise bike at home at least 2x per week. One daily practice I do to show self-love is to get up in the morning and write in my gratitude journal. I even ask my children what they are grateful for and I write their responses in my book. My favorite treat is a chocolate dipped cone from DQ.

Her philosophy on healthy living and message to women trying to get healthy or more active: I refer to the medicine wheel and apply these teachings to my life. It is important for me to focus on all the four directions, as this promotes balance in my life with living a healthy lifestyle. When you commit to living a healthy lifestyle it will improve your mental health and it will reduce your risks of getting chronic diseases. When you first start making changes in your diet and exercise routine try set small realistic goals and gradually increase them overtime. This will help you stay motived and you will be consistent with maintaining your goals. Living an active lifestyle has so many positive outcomes and benefits that will improve your overall health.