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My Social Media Break & Podcast Updates

Social Media Break
by Shelley Wiart

I took a social media break
Because I was tired of being connected.

I wish Katy and Nicki would remake
Alanis Morisette’s “Ironic
Because they could never write their own intelligent lyrics
They don’t know what is what. They just strut. WTF.”

WTF. I’ll rewrite it for today
Because everything is a remake from previous generations
And nothing is original.

I took a social media break because
#FOMO is the new virus attacking our nations
And I don’t want to be infected.

Isn’t it ironic
Thinking our fear of missing out
Is actually worse than missing out.

I took a social media break
Because my brain can only have so many open tabs
And I don’t want to waste tabs on stupidity or uneducated opinions.

Isn’t it ironic
That the President of the United States
Wastes our tabs with his stupidity and uneducated opinions.

I took a social media break
Because mind-wandering was becoming my way of life.

Isn’t it ironic
That we’re being conditioned to not pay attention
And lose our critical thinking skills.
Sounds like a population that would elect Trump.

I took a social media break
Because I refuse to read another inspirational meme:
“It always seems impossible until it’s done”

Isn’t it ironic
Thinking inspiration comes
From reading about it on social media.

I took a social media break
Because I don’t want my life hacked.

Isn’t it ironic
Thinking we can skip steps on life’s journey
And still become enlightened.

I took a social media break
Because I will not allow corporations to up space in my head
With targeted ads and sponsored videos.

A little too ironic
Thinking we have a private life
When we’re constantly being tracked and targeted

I took a social media break
Because I need sustenance for my soul.

A little too ironic
That we search for life’s answers
In 3 minute blogs, 1-minute sound bytes and 140 characters.

I took a social media break
Because I no longer care if you or I were worthy
Of a thumbs-up, a heart, or an emoji.

Isn’t it ironic
Thinking connection and support
Comes from an emoji. (Emoji poop).

I took a social media break
Because being present for my kids was more important
Than looking at your selfies with kitten ears and flower crowns.

Isn’t it ironic
Thinking snap chap filters make you beautiful
And we need a daily picture of your fake face.

I took a social media break
Because I want to listen to the whispers of my soul.
Not Oprah’s, Deepak’s, Zukav’s, Dyer’s, Tolle’s.

Isn’t it ironic
Thinking spiritual leaders seek answers on
Facebook, Twitter, Snapchat, Instagram, Pinterest and Reddit.

I took a social media break
Because I was becoming desensitized to other people’s suffering.

Isn’t it ironic
It’s like when murderers post self-incriminating
Videos on facebook for entertainment.

I took a social media break
Because popular culture will never
Be popular with me.

Isn’t it ironic
It’s like when we care more about what Beyoncé’s twins are named,
Than knowing our next door neighbor’s names.

I took a social media break
Because comparison is the thief of joy.

Isn’t it ironic, don’t you think
By unplugging from the Matrix
Of commodification, pop culture, misinformation, and sensationalism
I am more connected than ever.

Who would’ve thought, it figures.
And life has a funny way of helping you out
Helping you out.

*Lyrics modified from Alanis Morisette’s song, Ironic, Album – Jagged Little Pill.

Let me clairify my stance on social media: I do not hate it. I consider it an important tool for the Women Warriors program and message. Like everything in life, I think it’s important to examine how we use it on a daily basis and if it’s adding value to our lives. I enjoyed my break and I’m back on social media using it to promote our program and podcast. I encourage everyone to take a digital break for mental clairity and focus.

#Reconciliation Reading. This book is about his complicated relationship with his mom, growing up on reserve, and struggling with his family’s addictions and dysfunction. “You Don’t Have to Say You Love Me is a marvel of emotional transparency.” ―Beth Kephart, The Chicago Tribune

Our Eight Weeks to Healthy Living Program is FULL. We have a total of 30 warriors registered to participate this fall. I’m looking forward to hosting our Master’s student from the University of Calgary, Megan for October and November as she familiarizes herself with the program and conducts interviews. She will also help faciliate as I complete year 4 of my university studies.

Podcast Season 2 Guests

Interviews for Season 2 of the podcast are underway. Last week I had an enlightening conversation with co-founder of Dene Wellness Warriors, Jean Cardinal, located in Yellowknife, about faciliatating A New Day Program, NWT’s only healing program for men. Also, I interviewed Dr. Sonja Wicklum, co-founder of Women Warriors. She shared insights about our research and future plans for the program.

This week I’m looking forward to interviewing Indigenous artist, Chief Lady Bird based in Toronto and psychic medium, Carly Morton based in Edmonton.

Also, I’m being interviewed for the podcast, The Jig is Up hosted by proud Metis, Darcy Robinson. I’ll be sharing what being Metis means to me and how it impacts me on a day-to-day basis.

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