Profiles that Inspire – Kelly

Kelly is 32 years old, lives in Lloydminster, Saskatchewan, and works full-time as a receptionist at Onion Lake Energy. She has two girls Kali, age 12 and Kaizana, 4. She joined Women Warriors to find that “motivation” to exercise, eat better, and for her family – “just the thought of just living longer for my daughters!”

They type of physical activity I enjoy is cleaning house (I suffer from OCD, lol inside joke), go for walks at the park with my daughters or my boyfriend, and I love to play sports. It has rubbed off on my oldest girl so we like to throw the baseball around, throw the football, play sum volleyball or jump on the trampoline with both my girls. I try to exercise as much as I can. Walking has become a daily thing since starting Women Warriors.

I am not a member of a gym yet until I can find a gym partner. I played a bit of women’s volleyball in the winter and I’m looking forward to doing that again in the upcoming season. Also, I did some drop in volleyball nights at the Servus Sports Centre. Some evenings I’ll do a home work out, or just do my walking and/or biking with my boyfriend. I do what I can in the evenings to fit in my physical activity.

One daily practice I do to show self-love is journaling. I have a journal I like to write in daily and I do it when I need to, anytime of the day. I feel this helps me in one way or another especially when I don’t have that friend that I can talk to.

My favorite meal is Spiro’s ribs – the best ribs I’ve ever had hands down!

My philosophy on healthy living is eating well and constantly moving to keep fit! Knowing you have little ones who tend to watch what you do is always a bit motivating because it helps your child too and they want to exercise and move with you! Just never giving up.

My daily struggle is finding that extra “punch” in energy to keep myself motivated for when it comes down to exercising and staying away from the junk!!! Chips are the devil! (LOL!).

The advice you would give my younger self is “you really weren’t as fat as you thought you were in high school because look at you now. Maybe listening to your doctors, nurses or just people who cared for you would have worked because they have given you the best advice, you should have tried harder and stuck to it!”

My words of inspiration for women trying to get healthy or more active are to take it one day at a time. Things just won’t happen over-night and that’s what I think I need to keep telling myself too. Just keep on keeping on because quitters never win and winners never quit!! All the power to all you beautiful women trying to be better than yesterday.

Thanks for sharing your message Kelly!