Profiles that Inspire – Robyn

Robyn is 31 years old, resides in Lloydminster and is a certified nail tech and stay-at-home mom to three wonder children – two boys and one girl – Aiden, age 13, Kaydence, age 9, and Calder, age 5.

I joined Women Warriors so I can learn how to be healthier and live a healthier life style and to get in-shape again. I enjoy walks and family bike rides, and my goal is to start running again. Now that I’ve started Women Warriors I try to do some kind of exercise everyday. I enjoy working out at home, and we try to go for walks when my husband gets home from work or after supper.

In term of “me” time I always take time to do my make-up and my hair and make sure I’m dressed nice.

My favorite treat or meal is pizza.

My philosophy on healthy living is to be happy, healthy and do it together as a family!

My daily struggle is snacking and finding things to do or keep busy.

The advice I would give my younger self is education about physical activity and nutrition is important! Keep fit!

My words of inspiration for women trying to get healthy or more active are to keep at it and never give up! It’s so worth it in the end!! You can do it!

Thanks for sharing your message Robyn!