Woman Warrior Calgary Profiles

Rebecca, Onion Lake Cree Nation

Rebecca joined Women Warriors to be a better role model for her daughters and sisters, self-care, nutrition information, and to socialize and support fellow women in the community. The types of physical activity she enjoyed at Women Warriors include the relaxation from yoga, the fun, laughter and smiles from Zumba, and the sweating from WAR. She is also active in sports playing in a women’s volleyball league in the fall/winter and a women’s fastball and Slo-Pitch team in the summer.

Her daily self-love practice is to smudge and pray. She states, “I haven’t always done it, but lately I’ve noticed I needed something for me. It has been helping with my emotional and spiritual health. That little moment of me time.” Her favorite cheat meal is pepperoni pizza.

Her philosophy on healthy living and message to women trying to get healthy or more active:

I have always loved this quote by Winston Churchill, ‘Your mind is a powerful thing. When you fill it with positive thoughts, your life will start to change.’ Apply this to every moment in your life and you will get through it. Women carry the greatest burdens in a family and it is tough to overcome moments, as long as you remain positive, you will have a positive learning experience. That applies to your health as well. Being a mom, full time job, and taking care of the household is a lot but in order to have a healthy active family, it has to start with the heart of the family. Take it day by day. Start small and keep going. There will be setbacks, but just keep trying. It is better to get up and try than to say if only.