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Releasing Two Episodes for Reconciliation Week

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The City of Edmonton is celebrating Reconciliation Week May 28th-June 3rd

In conjunction with the City of Edmonton’s Reconciliation Week the Women Warriors podcast is releasing TWO episodes this week dedicated to Reconciliation.

Marcia Mirasty on Language Revitalization, Residential School & Reconciliation  

The purpose of the Truth and Reconciliation Commission of Canada was to acknowledge the physical, emotional and spiritual trauma from the residential school experience, and “ guide and inspire Aboriginal peoples and Canadians in a process of reconciliation and renewed relationships that are based on mutual understanding and respect” (www.trc.ca). They created 94 recommendations aka Calls to Action for residential school healing. For many years Marcia Mirasty has been directly involved in healing and reconciliation for her community of Flying Dust First Nations.

Her experience speaking and presenting for the last twenty years in northern Saskatchewan, working as a Health Director for her community, and as a Mental Health Therapist for the Department of Health, First Nation and Inuit Branch gives her unique insights to what Indigenous people in Canada need in order to heal.

On today’s episode Marcia shares the importance of language and culture revitalization, her action steps for making change in community, her understanding of reconciliation and the impacts of the TRC/calls to action, the three conditions that must exist for healing to occur and the resources for community healing.

“Reconciliation is about fairness, equality, and working together in the best way we know how. We’re bound to make some mistakes, but as long as we continue to learn from them we’re going to be powerful, we’re going to advance…we’re going to see our people rise up and take their rightful positions in society.” Marcia Mirasty

My Journey of Reconciliation –  Shelley Wiart

I share my story of adoption, and reunion with my birth parents, and how claiming my Metis heritage has allowed me to form a unique perspective on Reconciliation. My purpose with this commentary is to start a dialogue surrounding Reconciliation and share practical steps for implementing the Truth and Reconciliation Commission’s Calls to Action. I’m looking forward to attending the Reconciliation Meeting hosted at Onion Lake Cree Nation by the Office of the Treaty Commissioner tomorrow. It’s an exciting time in our community to be an advocate for Reconciliation and bring community members together to discuss our ideas.

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