Devon Fiddler on Bullying, Public Speaking & Launching a Successful Kickstarter

Saskatchewan has a core group of Indigenous female entrepreneurs that are changing the way society views Native women. Devon is the founder of SheNative, a social enterprise that empowers Indigenous women through creating opportunities and providing guidance for Indigenous artisans, suppliers and designers.

Since June of 2016 Devon has accomplished three major feats: becoming a new Mom, opening a storefront location at Saskatoon’s The Centre Mall, and raising $23,000 to create a new line of clutches and bags.

On today’s episode, Devon shares how she dealt with bullying in her teens, overcame her fear of public speaking, her childhood dream of being a fashion designer, and launching a successful Kickstarter campaign.

“I used to be so afraid to say what I’m thinking. It takes a lot of practice. Practice wearing your heart on your sleeve and speaking from the heart.” Devon Fiddler on public speaking.

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Today on the Women Warriors Podcast

  • How she healed from bullying in her teens (5:05)
  • How she overcame her fear of public speaking (5:49)
  • Why she decided to pursue post-secondary education (8:37)
  • The program that helped her break out of her shell (10:57)
  • Connecting with global entrepreneurs (12:31)
  • How she launched a successful Kickstarter campaign (14:00)
  • Strategies for negative self-talk (17:20)
  • Her challenges with production of new clutches and bags (19:25)
  • Hiring Indigenous employees for production (21:11)
  • Becoming a new mom and opening a store front (23:00)
  • Adjusting to motherhood (25:09)
  • Her self care practices (26:46)
  • New projects for Sask Fashion Week (28:41)
  • The women that inspire her (30:30)

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CBC Saskatchewan, Sept. 14, 2016: First Nations entrepreneur wants to change way society views Indigenous women

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