Tenille Campbell on Photography, Indigenous Sexuality & Single Parenting

Celebrating Indigenous people’s heritage, accomplishments, and beauty through the arts including photography and written word counteracts the negative stereotypes in popular media. Tenille Campbell does exactly that, and goes one step further by openly exploring the concepts of Indigenous sexuality and love.

Tenille’s voice in the arts includes Sweetmoon Photography, the blog Tea & Bannock, and her new book, #IndianLovePoems.

On today’s episode, Tenille brings her humor and wit to discuss being a self-taught photographer, and how she balances her roles as a PhD candidate, single mother, business owner, and creative.

“I wanted to have a collective where I could look at another Indigenous women and be like “you get it” and they would “get it.” And I wouldn’t have to explain why we don’t photograph ceremony or why we’re not going to photograph someone wearing a headdress that they imported from China.” Tenille Campbell on creating Tea & Bannock

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Today on the Women Warriors Podcast

  • Growing up in a political family (4:40)
  • How she started in photography (5:32)
  • How she learned the art of photography (7:06)
  • Why her vision as a photographer is important (7:33)
  • Why she started her blog, Tea & Bannock (8:56)
  • Creating community and support for Indigenous female photographers (10:34)
  • Her favorite project on Tea & Bannock (11:43)
  • Her vision behind #IndianLovePoem (12:40)
  • Her first love (14:50)
  • The importance of growing up in a sober household (15:58)
  • Her struggles as an Indigenous academic (16:58)
  • What motherhood has taught her (17:38)
  • Her wish for her daughter (19:06)
  • How she balances being a single mom, academic, author, and business owner (20:40)
  • Raising her daughter in the Dene and Metis culture (23:00)
  • The woman she wants to spend the day with (25:22)
  • How she’s celebrating her 33 rd birthday (28:00)

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