Deanna Burgart on Being an Indigeneer, Mentoring Indigenous Youth in Science & Spirituality

Indigenous people are an underrepresented demographic in Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics (STEM). Deanna Burgart is an Indigenous chemical engineer, or self-proclaimed Indigeneer that believes diversity is the key to the future of STEM. She’s the co-owner of Indigenous Engineering Inclusion, a company that has built its foundation on sustainability, mentoring and the Seven Sacred Teachings.

She understands the value that culture and arts brings to STEM and mentors Indigenous youth through the Power to Choose camp, a program offered by the Alberta Women’s Science Network.

On today’s episode Deanna shares her story of being an Indigenous adoptee, finding her birth parents, choosing her career as a chemical engineer, how her culture has influenced her company, advice for girls pursuing STEM, and the lessons she learned from a recent life altering event.

“I believe the industry and the profession needs different perspectives to find solutions to the world’s greatest challenges.” Deanna Burgart on women in STEM

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Today on the Women Warriors Podcast

  • Her story of being an Indigenous adoptee (4:00)
  • How she found her birth parents (4:59)
  • Her initial meeting & relationship with her birth mother (6:30)
  • Her journey as a single mom entering engineering (8:00)
  • How she chose chemical engineering as a profession (9:05)
  • Barriers as a female chemical engineer (10:03)
  • Starting her own company, Indigenous Engineering Inclusion (10:52)
  • Learning that authenticity trumps conformity (11:40)
  • How her Indigenous identity shaped her company (12:49)
  • Translating the Seven Sacred Teachings to business (14:05)
  • Her advice for young girls pursuing engineering (15:07)
  • Why the world needs women in STEM (15:54)
  • Mentoring youth in AB Women’s Science Network & their Indigenous STEM science camp, Power to Choose (16:28)
  • What happens at Power to Choose camp (17:00)
  • Highlights of Aboriginal Women’s Business Entrepreneur Network (18:54)
  • Connecting with her Indigenous culture on her healing journey (21:03)
  • How she integrates spirituality in her daily life (22:11)
  • Her life altering event (25:05)
  • What she learned from her life altering event (27:10)
  • A definition of authenticity she identifies with (29:40)
  • The women she admires (31:10)

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