Dr. Jennifer Leason on Building Each Other Up & Healing Through Balance

Jennifer LeasonDr. Jennifer Leason: Keesis Sagay Egette Ekwé (First Shining Rays of Sunlight Woman) is a Saulteaux-Métis Anishinaabek Kwé (woman) and mother of Lucas (age 8) and Lucy (age 5). Jennifer is of mixed ancestry and her Indigenous roots are from Duck Bay, Pine Creek First Nation and Camperville, Manitoba. Jennifer was recently appointed to Assistant Professor at the University of Calgary and is grateful to the First peoples and communities of Treaty 7 and Métis Nation Alberta, Region III.

Dr. Leason’s research interests are Canadian and International Indigenous peoples health, with a focus on Indigenous maternal-child and reproductive health.

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Today on the Women Warriors Podcast

  • The story of how Jennifer and I met two years ago online.
  • The barriers she had to overcome during grad school.
  • Feeling guided by her family and ancestors.
  • The first time she was called Dr. Jennifer Leason.
  • How her family’s health struggles impacted her as an Indigenous health researcher.
  • Indigenous people’s health – Finding her voice as an advocate to challenge the historical, political, social, and economic context of oppression and health disparities.
  • Reclaiming and re-storying Indigenous ways of being and methodologies & decolonizing and Indigenizing the academy.
  • How she is healing from intergenerational trauma.
  • Her advice for Indigenous students, and the changes she would like to see for upcoming students.
  • Creating support systems and bridging students from high school to post-secondary.
  • The myth that Indigenous students get all of their post-secondary education paid for.
  • Ideas for Women Warriors scholarship and mentorship.
  • A potential Women Warriors book on healing.
  • My idea for an Indigenous health symposium in Yellowknife.

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