S02E00 – Sonja Wicklum

Special Episode: What is Women Warriors with Co-founder, Dr. Sonja Wicklum

Dr. Sonja Wicklum is a Clinical Assistant Professor in the Department of Family Medicine at the University of Calgary. She has extensive experience in rural family medicine, preventive health, nutrition education, and obesity management. She is the co-founder of Women Warriors, and is passionate about preventing illness and contributing to a great Canadian healthcare system.


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Today on the Women Warriors Podcast

• Why we started the Women Warriors program.
• Her experience creating Indigenous based wellness programming.
• Creating the Canadian Aboriginal Nutrition Deck (CANdeck).
• Her role in obesity medicine.
• Her top three obesity myths.
• Explanation of weight bias.
• Why Indigenous peoples have a higher rate of type II diabetes.
• Her advice as a family medicine doctor to help Indigenous patients work better with their doctors.
• Long-term vision for Women Warriors.

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