Jean Cardinal on Vulnerability as Medicine & Supporting Men on Their
Healing Journeys

Jean CardinalJean Cardinal is the co-founder of Dene Wellness Warriors, an Indigenous focused
wellness business based in Yellowknife, Northwest Territories that offers one-to- one counselling, wellness coaching and workshop facilitation. She is a member of the Canadian Professional Counselors Association, and she is the only Indigenous therapist recognized by Health Canada to work with Residential School Survivors and their families. Dene Wellness Warriors has recently been contracted to facilitate a New Day Program, a program for men who have used violence in their relationships, but want to change this behaviour to better their relationships with themselves, their partners, their children and their communities.

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On today’s episode Jean shares:

  • Where she met her co-founder and life partner, Roy Erasmus at Rhodes Wellness College.
  • Her calling to become a professional counselor.
  • How her training as a certified life coach helps her clients reach their goals.
  • The importance of being a healthy role model for other women.
  • Engaging and connecting with her clients as a Residential School survivor.
  • Taking risks by being vulnerable and how it’s related to healing.
  • The therapeutic practices she uses in her counseling and facilitation, including traditional drumming.
  • The controversy over a New Day Program.
  • How we can support men on their healing journeys.
  • How she approaches men’s healing.
  • The feedback she’s received from communities around NWT on healing workshops.
  • “Each one, teach one” message.
  • Her self-care practices & free resources for healing.

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