Carly Morton on Strengthening Intuition, Mediumship & Our Spiritual Connection

Carly Morton

Carly Morton is a First Nations psychic medium. She comes from a long maternal line of strong spirituality and heightened intuition.

She shares her journey to mediumship and how we can all benefit from strengthening our intuition and learning from the people, places and situations we find ourselves in.

She believes nothing is an accident and life lessons are coming to us all the time.

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On today’s episode Carly shares:

      • Her childhood experiences and inclinations towards mediumship.
      • The purest times to connect with your inner knowing.
      • How to strengthen your intuition.
      • Why people ignore their intuition.
      • The importance of boundaries and intuition.
      • What lead her to develop her intuition and her stepping-stone to mediumship.
      • The common themes people ask about in readings.
      • How we know if a loved one is near.
      • How being a medium has helped her with personal healing.
      • The most challenging aspects of being a medium.
      • How to rid yourself of negative energy.
      • How being a medium impacts her family.
      • Dealing with skeptics.
      • First Nations peoples and spirituality.
      • The link between intuition, spirit and Elders.

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