Chief Lady Bird on Art, Celebrating Our Bodies & Fighting Racism & Stereotypes in Tattoo Culture

Chief-Lady-BirdChief Lady Bird is an Anishinaabe (Potawatomi and Chippewa) artist from Rama First Nation with paternal ties to Moose Deer Point First Nation. She grew up on-reserve and is currently based in Toronto.

Her work exists at the crux of her experience as an Indigenous woman, wherein critiques of Nationalism and Indigenous identity reclamation meet, resulting in imagery that empowers Indigenous peoples and challenges the lens through which Indigenous people are often viewed.

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Today on the Women Warriors Podcast

  • Why she prefers to be called Chief Lady Bird as opposed to her given name, Nancy.
  • Her journey to becoming an artist.
  • Her relationship with her spirit sister and main collaborator, Aura.
  • Reclaiming Indigenous presences in urban spaces through large-scale art projects.
  • Addressing racist and ignorant comments on her work.
  • Commentary on how her artwork – the assumption that it’s about murdered and missing Indigenous women.
  • Explanation of her beadwork glyphs art project.
  • Her thoughts on creating beautiful, sensual nude art pieces of Indigenous women’s bodies.
  • Tattoo culture and stereotypes/racism of Indigenous women.
  • Reclaiming our traditional tattoo culture.
  • How she stays centered as an artist.

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