Helen Oro on Beading, International Fashion Shows & the Dangers of the Fashion World

Helen Oro

Helen Oro is Plains Cree from Pelican Lake First Nation and the founder of Helen Oro Designs Inc. She takes her traditional First Nation beadwork and adorns modern day accessories such as heels, sunglasses, clutch purses etc.

She also produces fashion shows creating opportunities for Indigenous people aspiring to pursue careers in the fashion and model world. Internationally recognized for her designs and work, Helen aims to create a positive image for Indigenous women everywhere.

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On today’s episode Helen shares:

  • How she started beading.
  • Her childhood and teenage years described as the “dark ages.”
  • How motherhood changed her life.
  • Her first piece of beading and following her passion.
  • How beading helps her focus as an adult with ADHD.
  • The starting point of joining beading and fashion shows.
  • Her international travel experiences for fashion shows.
  • Australia and Canada exchange fashion shows.
  • London Fashion show and protesting #NoDAPL.
  • Producing fashion show and working with First Nations youth.
  • Dangers of the fashion world – fake model calls.
  • Latest projects – MMIW Fashion Show in BC and Western Canada Fashion Week in Edmonton.
  • The most challenging aspect of producing fashion shows.
  • Her feature in Flare – #HowIMadeIt

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