Juanita Lindley on the Power of Prayer, Setting Boundaries & Rebuilding Relationships after Addiction

Juanita LindleyJuanita Lindley’s mission is to inspire those struggling in and with addiction.

She is also in recovery from addiction and healing from the impacts of intergenerational trauma of the residential school era.

Juanita founded her own company, Keepin’ it Real Addictions Services and offers counseling and motivational speaking. She is currently enrolled in a Masters of Education program at Thompson Rivers University in Kamloops, BC.

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On today’s episode Juanita shares:

  • Her personal struggles with addiction.
  • How childhood and community trauma was intertwined with her addiction.
  • How she felt her culture hindered her sobriety at first.
  • The most important healing tool in her recovery.
  • Teaching prayer.
  • The toughest part of sobriety.
  • Reentering the social scene in recovery.
  • Setting boundaries with loved one and friends in addiction.
  • Advice for families struggling with addicts in their lives.
  • Learning our behaviors and patterns as our key to freedom.
  • Learning how to trust.
  • The unreal expectations in the current recovery model.
  • Rebuilding the relationships with her children in recovery.
  • Advice for parents to help direct their children against drugs and alcohol.
  • A how-to example for setting boundaries.
  • Speaking from your inner knowingness.

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