Dr. Karlee Fellner on Personal and Collective Medicines & Embracing Diverse Teachings
Part 2

Karlee FellnerDr. Karlee Fellner is currently an Assistant Professor in Indigenous Education Counselling Psychology at the University of Calgary.

Karlee has been working with diverse clients in counselling and assessment since 2007, and has designed and taught courses in education, counselling, and psychology at universities and a private First Nations college.

She has also published book chapters and research articles in the fields of psychology, health, education, and social work. Karlee has been practicing Aboriginal Focusing-Oriented Therapy (AFOT) since 2013, and is currently an AFOT instructor with the program through the Justice Institute of British Columbia. Her work focuses on decolonizing and Indigenizing health services, curriculum and pedagogy, research, and counselling through applying Indigenous ways of knowing, being, and doing.

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On today’s episode Karlee shares:

  • Honoring our “trauma wisdom” Shirley Turcotte of Aboriginal Focusing-Oriented Therapy (AFOT).
  • Using our messages to move towards balance.
  • Integrating Indigenous and Western systems in health care.
  • Centering Indigenous approaches to wellness in urban centers.
  • Reconciliation in health care.
  • Practical changes to current health care model to better serve Indigenous peoples.
  • A tactic she uses when she speaks to health care providers.
  • Explaining her role in a new program at U of C on Blackfoot approaches to Wellness – Poo’miikapii.
  • Why she needs a buffalo.
  • Her self-care practices including traditional practices.
  • Involving Elders and knowledge holders to offer traditional services.

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