Patrice Mousseau on How Women Are Leading the Way in Business & Taking Risks

Patrice Mosseau

Patrice Mousseau is a member of the Fort William First Nations. She is the creator and owner of Satya Organics Inc., providing NPN approved, certified USDA organic products to serve those with skin conditions, and for those that want a legitimate alternative to steroid products.

She became a conscious entrepreneur when her daughter developed eczema and needed help. Her products are now available in 600 stores across Canada, and Satya Organics was recently awarded BC Aboriginal Business of the Year, and Startup Canada’s Indigenous Entrepreneur of the Year.

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Today on the Women Warriors Podcast Patrice shares:

  • What Satya means and her business philosophy.
  • The story of how she started her company.
  • Advice for startup entrepreneurs, and where she started.
  • Winning SheEO and how it’s supporting her business.
  • How the five winners of SheEO divided $500,000 between their businesses.
  • The new way of doing business, and how Indigenous women are leading the way.
  • Mentorship in business – taking good advice and knowing your business.
  • How she gets through the day as a single mom and entrepreneur.
  • Advice on risk taking and entrepreneurship.
  • Her spiritual practices.
  • The day she decided to quit drinking alcohol.
  • Her advice on going to Alcoholics Anonymous (AA).
  • Navigating drinking culture.

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