Lisa Graham on MMIP, Ambiguous Loss & Saving Lives with the Aware 360 App

Lisa Graham is the Provincial Coordinator for Justice and Solicitor General Victim Services, Government of Alberta. She is tasked with identifying and filling the gaps in services for families who are suffering through having a loved one who is missing, including making services available in a culturally safe way to all. Lisa’s sister, who is First Nations, went missing in 1999 and against all the odds was found alive in 2015. Lisa’s lived experience has informed all the professional decisions she has made for herself throughout her career. Before moving to Alberta to work with families of missing persons she spent eleven years as a Coroner conducting death investigations in Vancouver and had the honour of walking beside families through some of the hardest days of their lives.

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On today’s episode, Lisa shares:

  • Her role as the Provincial Coordinator, Missing Persons & Missing and Murdered Indigenous Women’s Initiative, Justice & Solicitor General, Government of Alberta.
  • Common myths of missing persons.
  • Social media post breaking myths of murdered and missing Indigenous women.
  • Her personal experience of her older sister going missing in October 1999.
  • How her sister becoming a missing person altered her career path.
  • Becoming a coroner in British Colombia so she could locate her sister.
  • Her experience with ambiguous loss and how to process it.
  • The history of ambiguous loss pioneered by Dr. Pauline Boss.
  • Her advice for people experiencing ambiguous loss and for friends and family supporting those going through this journey.
  • Her reunion with her sister in 2015. Learning that her sister had been taken against her will.
  • How to support people that have been through extreme trauma.
  • The Safer Community Initiatives.
  • Creating the free Aware 360 phone app.
  • Response center located on Gitxsan First Nation – Indigenous women volunteers answering emergency calls.
  • Email Lisa to be registered for the Aware 360 app. Email: Lisa.
  • Family Information Liaison Unit, Department of Justice, Government of Canada (Canada wide).
  • Alberta Family Information Liaison Unit – provides emotional and culturally relevant supports. Phone: (780) 643-9092 or the Government of Alberta’s toll-free service at 310-0000.
  • Contact Lisa for presentations in your community. Phone: (780) 644-5733 or email:
  • Gathering for families of MMIP Feb 28th-Mar 2nd 2019 in Calgary. Lead organizer Elizabeth Fry Society Calgary.

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