Women Warriors Testimonials – Chris

Why did you join Women Warriors ( i.e. financial barriers, type II diabetes diagnosis, belonging to a community)? I met you at the Inspiring Women Conference earlier this year and I bought a set of Spirit Poles. When I heard your story and what your mission is, I knew I wanted/needed to be a part of your group. I moved to Lloyd a year ago, I have chronic depression, obese and even at my highest weight ever, on a tight budget. I noticed that I was having way more issues with my back in the last year due to back injury that I had previously been managing. I used to go to a Tabata boot camp before I moved here a year ago; it was such a welcoming environment there, even the first time I attended. I was terrified to try a new place here in town as I couldn’t find anything being offered like what Tabata gave me. I feel like I have found that home again with Women Warriors, I’ve missed it so much.
How has it impacted your health?
I’m not sure how much my numbers have changed but physically I’ve noticed a huge difference. My mental health is improving, it helps finding that home where there are other folks that have similar struggles and you don’t feel judged. I feel stronger physically, I know that I still have a long ways to go but I am getting the motivation to get there. I’m also sleeping better and my clothes are fitting differently too.

Are you more active after completing 8 Weeks to Healthy Living?
Yes, I even more energy to do the stuff around my house that I haven’t felt like doing. I still have organizing and purging to do since moving that I’m now actually doing vs thinking about doing it. Did you like the variety of exercises? I did very much and I loved that they came to us for the exposure. It’s very daunting to walk into a new exercise facility for the first time and to try something new. I know we shouldn’t compare ourselves to the other folks there but I find it impossible not to, I even try to remind myself that they could’ve had a similar journey as mine but the mind just isn’t forgiving sometimes.

Was the nutrition information easy to understand and actionable?
Yes, very much so. Most of it was familiar to me as I try to follow the Canada Food Guide and done Weight Watchers lots. But the added bonus was that the cards and sheets provided the extra tips, loved the handouts each week.
What’s the greatest lesson you learned on this health journey?
To be mindful of everything in life. Not just with being active and what you’re eating, but with where you’re eating, why you’re eating. Being mindful of your thoughts about yourself and in general.

Would you recommend this program to friends and family?
I totally would, for all the reasons above and more. Like I said, on paper the numbers may not show how successful this was for me but I have felt a huge improvement in my mental and physical health.

Chris, Woman Warrior April-May 2016