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Women Warriors Podcast Season 2 – Episode 12 & 13

Jean Cardinal

Holding Space for Honesty, Healing & Hope.

EP12 Jean Cardinal on Vulnerability as Medicine & Supporting Men on Their Healing Journeys (iTunes, Google Play & Libsyn)  

Jean Cardinal is the co-founder of Dene Wellness Warriors, an Indigenous focused wellness business based in Yellowknife, Northwest Territories that offers one-to-one counselling, wellness coaching and workshop facilitation. She is a member of the Canadian Professional Counselors Association, and she is the only Indigenous therapist recognized by Health Canada to work with Residential School Survivors and their families. Dene Wellness Warriors has recently been contracted to facilitate a New Day Program, a program for men who have used violence in their relationships, but want to change this behaviour to better their relationships with themselves, their partners, their children and their communities.

On today’s episode Jean shares:

  • Where she met her co-founder and life partner, Roy Erasmus at Rhodes Wellness College.
  • Her calling to become a professional counselor.
  • How her training as a certified life coach helps her clients reach their goals.
  • The importance of being a healthy role model for other women.
  • Engaging and connecting with her clients as a Residential School survivor.
  • Taking risks by being vulnerable and how it’s related to healing.
  • The therapeutic practices she uses in her counseling and facilitation, including traditional drumming.
  • The controversy over a New Day Program.
  • How we can support men on their healing journeys.
  • How she approaches men’s healing.
  • The feedback she’s received from communities around NWT on healing workshops.
  • “Each one, teach one” message.
  • Her self-care practices & free resources for healing.

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Carly Morton

EP13 Carly Morton on Strengthening Intuition, Mediumship & Our Spiritual Connection (iTunes, Google Play Libsyn

Carly Morton is a First Nations psychic medium. She comes from a long maternal line of strong spirituality and heightened intuition. She shares her journey to mediumship and how we can all benefit from strengthening our intuition and learning from the people, places and situations we find ourselves in. She believes nothing is an accident and life lessons are coming to us all the time.

On today’s episode Carly shares:

  • Her childhood experiences and inclinations towards mediumship.
  • The purest times to connect with your inner knowing.
  • How to strengthen your intuition.
  • Why people ignore their intuition.
  • The importance of boundaries and intuition.
  • What lead her to develop her intuition and her stepping-stone to mediumship.
  • The common themes people ask about in readings.
  • How we know if a loved one is near.
  • How being a medium has helped her with personal healing.
  • The most challenging aspects of being a medium.
  • How to rid yourself of negative energy.
  • How being a medium impacts her family.
  • Dealing with skeptics.
  • First Nations peoples and spirituality.
  • The link between intuition, spirit and Elders.

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Here’s my Women Warriors facebook post about Clint that recieved many likes from the community:

My favourite Cree speaker, Clint Chocan and I at the Sisters in Spirit Walk last night at Lakeland College. I won a Cree book at the Writing Stick conference and I gave it to him because he was the only person that I knew could read it! I’m grateful for his calm nature and willingness to share his culture and language. He taught Cree to small children at Onion Lake for many years before being hired at Lakeland as their Indigenous Student Support Specialist. He did a great job as emcee last night and lead us on our walk with sweetgrass. I’m really happy he’s leading the way in Reconciliation work in this community. #lakelandcollege #cree #creespeaker #reconciliation#languagerevitalization #indigenous #sisterinspirit #mmiw #mmiwg

Clint is hosting a Cree worshop at Lakeland College this month.
The workshops continue on Tuesday evenings 7-8pm (Oct 10, 17 & 24) at Lloydminster campus with Lakeland’s Indigenous Student Support specialist, Clint Chocan. Everybody is welcome to join and get a deeper understanding of Cree language and culture.