Profiles that Inspire – Jolene

Jolene is 40 years old, resides in Onion Lake Cree Nation, and is employed as a truck driver hauling oil since May of 2015. She has three children – two daughters ages 22, and 15, and one son age 14. In addition, she’s a happy, blessed Grandmother with a granddaughter turning 1 this November. She joined Women Warriors for two main reasons: to be healthy, and be a role model to her kids. She doesn’t want them to get their false body image from music videos. She states, “I also wanted to reinvent myself from the inside out. The only way the outside can look good is if you work on the inside first. Working out helps to increase serotonin.”

Physical activity in her day: Jo works out almost everyday. She’s motivated by fiddle music to get her dancing because it’s so much fun she forgets the time. She enjoys the outdoors including snowshoeing, cleaning her yard, mowing the lawn, long walks or just anything to get her moving outside. Work wise she gets cardio lifting the heavy hoses, and hooking/unhooking them.

Favorite treat/meal: Her favorite meal is breakfast – eggs, toast, and yogurt. Her favorite treat is movie popcorn, which she wishes she could have everyday.

Health philosophy: “To have my spiritual/emotional feelings, and thoughts to be positive, in order for my physical to function. That is why fellowship with my friends is important. Also, reading my Bible is important because it grounds me. You’re never too old to start a healthy lifestyle and we are given new days to start again. If yesterday didn’t work then start anew, and never give up; it’s so worth it if you keep going.”

Advice to younger self: “You can have a good life with any amount you have. The key is to look at the positive – there’s always a message in the messes. There’s always a lesson in the problem, you just have to stand back and look.”

Thanks Jo for sharing your message!