Profiles the Inspire – Cheryl

Cheryl is 50 years old, resides in Lloydminster, and raised four children– three sons, Warren 25, Shane 24, Jacob 23, and only daughter, Desiree 22. In addition, she’s a happy, blessed Grandmother with granddaughter, Austyn. She joined Women Warriors to get motivated and step outside her comfort zone and build self-esteem.

Physical activity in her day: Cheryl enjoys walking and water aerobics. Her mobility is limited, so she needs low-impact exercise. She tries to set aside a quiet time each day, but struggles to schedule fitness.

Favorite treat/meal: Her favorite meal is salad and her favorite treat is blueberries.

Health philosophy: “Healthy Living is a state of mind and takes motivation and persistence – progress not perfection! I struggle with mobility and feel defeat, but I do my best to not complain and try to stay positive.”

Advice to younger self: “My advice would be practice self-care, follow a good diet, rest, and take care of your personal appearance. Join a group like we have and bring confidence in conversation. Ask people how was your week? Show gratitude with leadership, and be honest with yourself – know your limits and be ok with that. Take what I have learned at Women Warriors and work with it all week.”

Cheryl is running in Lloydminster’s next election as a mayoral candidate!

“I am passionate about community and appreciate our diversity. I believe that we need accountability to serve everyone’s best interest. I believe I can be a voice for those that perhaps have felt they have not been heard in the past. It is really important to have different thoughts from a range of community residents as we do carry unique perspectives. I am kind, caring and pride myself as working towards expanding my comfort zone and getting involved with activities that are new to me. I love to volunteer and meet new people. I am looking forward to a continued accountable and transparent campaign to be Lloydminster’s Mayor and embrace everyone’s support.”

Thanks Cheryl for sharing your message!

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