Profiles the Inspire – Wendy

Wendy is 46 years old and resides in Kitscoty. She has two sons – Chandler, 18 and Spencer, 20. She works full-time as a realtor and spends a lot of time travelling between Kitscoty, Lloydminster and surrounding area.

I joined Women Warriors in hopes of being more active and making healthier food choices. I focus on work and my sons and not enough on being active or on eating well. This is my year to change these things. My sons are grown, both will be gone to university soon and there will be more ME time. I no longer want to focus on my weight or size; I want to eat healthy, stay active, and think positive. No more gimmicks, clubs, shakes or diets. Those things are a temporary fix. What will last is caring about myself and feeling I’m important enough to treat myself well.

My daily physical activity consists of taking stairs when I can, and parking farther away from doors so I have to walk.

My self-love practice is taking time to read a good book, a hot bath, and I get away for a couple of yearly vacations

My favourite meal is pasta, and chocolate is my weakness.

My daily struggle is after a long day of work to find the energy and motivation to work out and eat healthy.

My advise to my younger self? Take care of yourself now! Make taking care of yourself a habit you’ll keep throughout your life.

My inspiring words to encourage other are it takes weeks for the habit of exercising and healthy eating to become a habit. A bad day or a bad week of eating doesn’t mean you give up. Get back on track! You can do this!

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